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Hi! I'm Karina


am a mom of two kiddos (a teen and a 7 year old). I know it's hard to believe that I am a mom to a teen but I am. And sometimes I cry just a little thinking that he is getting closer to living life all on his own. Nonetheless, still so proud of him and I cannot wait to see where life takes him.

I'm also a wifey of 8 years. Let me tell you marriage is hard but with patience, trust, and putting in the work into your marriage it gets easier. It is a huge thanks to my husband that I am a photographer. It was he who pushed me in buying my first camera and just taking the leap in believing in myself and that I can do great things! And 7 years later I have.


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Fun facts about me:

1.  My birthday is 4/20 and some people swear that I am an Aries others a Taurus I believe I fall into both of them. haha

2.  I love the rain the smell of the rain. .

3.  I love hugging trees anywhere I go.

4.  I believe my soul belongs in the PNW I have not had the chance to live there but visit Portland, OR any chance I get.

5.  My favorite color is purple and I will only drink coffee if it's a really really cold day.

The studio

Our studio is an all women team that is ready to welcome you! We have created a space thinking of YOU! This space allows you to express yourself freely of being YOU! Here you will be pampered, loved, cherished, empowered, and most importantly HEARD! Allow yourself the luxury that you deserve and embrace it! You will have the space to embrace your beauty and body! Our studio is ready to welcome YOU! 

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What These Boudoir Babes Are Saying

Eva Y.

This shoot made me feel see myself in a different light that I don't think I have ever seen myself in before. Before the shoot I didn't know what to expect... I was nervous after first and then with Karina's help I slowly relaxed and just went with the flow. I wouldn't change a thing about my experience. I loved everything about it... I would love to do this again someday. I would suggest other people to try it... experience it... it's fun, exciting, scary and definitely an eye opener to what you may or may not know about yourself (as in confidence!)


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You Deserve It All!

I spend much of my time every year taking classes to better my skills and fine tune my photography and posing to give you the very best boudoir session you deserve.

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