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Behind The Scenes of A Session

Hi there beYOUtiful!!  

I’m Karina, a Las Vegas and Nashville Boudoir and Intimate Photographer. 

I am the owner of Intimates by Karina. I am super excited that you are here. If you’ve made it this far it is because you are truly interested in investing on yourself and know damn well that YOU deserve this!!

I am so happy to get to call this my day to day job!! I am so passionate and excited on what I do. I get to document and reaffirm to them the beautiful and unique person that THEY TRULY ARE!! Here’s to empowering you and bring out that fire that you have burning inside of you and let it shine through to the whole world!! 

I look forward to seeing you on the other side of the lens!! You are worth self-confidence, self-love, self-respect!! OWN IT!!

Embrace YOUR inner beauty, beautiful!!  

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Before and After Photos

Love Notes

“It was so much fun and the photos are gorgeous…..Karina will make you feel so good about yourself that you won’t be scared anymore.”

"When I saw my photos I was blown away!  Holy shit!  That was really me!!! Holy shit that’s me’!! I am forever grateful for the experience gained and phenomenal people I met on the way!!!
A. Wells
I wanted to gain confidence in myself, feel comfortable in my own skin, and to see how far I've come in loving myself.
J. Crome

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I prepare for my session?

Preparing for your session is simple; I make sure you are well taken care of and you have all the guidance to prepare for your big day! Every client receives a copy of my Guide after their consultation and throughout the weeks leading up to your session we have constant communication preparing you for your session. I encourage self love and the natural you. Therefore, there no drastic change in your persona such as extreme makeovers. The purpose is to photograph the real you! So just be you! Contact me 

I don’t own any lingerie, what now?

Lingerie is not required in your session. I am more than happy to help you pick out your outfits out of your very own closet. AND, You also have access to our client closet. I do ask that you bring a proper fitting bra to wear under our garments (this is a great time to get fitted if you need recommendations I have them for you) and two styled panties for your session.Contact me 

Will I do my own hair and makeup for my session?

All of our sessions include professional hair and makeup. Why? This is about pampering you from start to finish which will help you look and feel the best for your session.Contact me 

How long will the session be?

The session starts in-studio, 1 hr to 1 1/2 hour with our fabulous professional hair and makeup artist, 1 hr – 1 1/2 hr session time, image re-touching, and an in-person ordering appointment of your images within 2 weeks after your session. Your session fee is due upon booking in order to hold your date. No session will take place prior to payment of session fee. Payment for your final order is due at the time your order is placed.  Your order will be filled after full payment is received.Contact me 

Should I wait to lose weight? 

This is such a misconception. These portraits are done with the emphasis of NOW. The answer is NO. Forget about what magazines define the “perfect” body or how they define “beauty”. We are all unique and bring so much to this world with our uniqueness and our own beauty! The moment to embrace your beauty is NOW! The moment is now when it is shared through a smile and attitude and through a little help from flattering poses and lighting — which reflect the real and beautiful YOU! A lot of my clients thank me and tell me they’re glad they didn’t wait. Contact me 

Do I need to be a model? 

Absolutely not! All you have to do is make the decision to do this for yourself! You do not know how to do anything! Let me do my job, I am here to direct and pose you from head to toe throughout your whole session to give you the very best images you deserve.  Contact me 

I do not want my images shared, do I have to?

This is a great misconception on sessions that you are required to share them everywhere. However, you are not required to share you image anywhere, all of the images that you see, in my portfolio, and social media are shared after clients have given my explicit written permission in order to do so. Your session can be kept as public or as private as you choose. Contact me 

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